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Tie Guanyin

  • Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea
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    Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea

    Anxi Tie Guan Yin Oolong Tea has beautiful shape of the tea leaves, each resembling a tiny piece of green jade. Tie Guan Yin from Anxi province is one of China's Ten Famous Tea. It is extremely popular and can be found in the menu of most Chinese restaurants throughout the world.
  • Organic High Mountain Tieguanyin
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    Organic High Mountain Tieguanyin

    This Organic High Mountain Tieguanyin hails from the mountainous Anxi County in the southern Fujian province of China. Also called The Iron Bodhisattva, it has been delighting tea drinkers with its heavy yet surprisingly sweet flavor since the early days of the...