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Keemun Tea

  • Keemun Black Tea
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    Keemun Black Tea

    Keemun Black Tea is the most famous of China's black teas, requiring great skill to produce. The delicate leaf provides a rich, brown, lightly scented and almost nutty liquor that is terrific on its own but also takes extremely well to milk to bring out extraordinary...
  • Keemun Loose Tea
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    Keemun Loose Tea

    Tuen mun black tea is a famous chinese tea and a famous black tea. It is produced from buds, leaves and tender stems of the eucalyptus species.
  • Selection Black Tea
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    Selection Black Tea

    Depending on its unique aroma, Keemun black tea is granted as one of the best three high fragrant black teas in the world. When the tea leaves is being infused with hot water, the tea soup is bright red and the honey aroma with flower fragrance emits. Keemun black tea is also suitable for...